Local Fianna Fail TD, Frank O’Rourke, has called on the Government to engage with school secretaries and address the pay inequality that exists in their profession.

“Secretaries want an end to the two-tier pay system that leaves most school secretaries earning just €12,000 a year. These secretaries have generally short-term contracts, no sick pay entitlements no pension entitlements and do not get paid during summer holidays.”

“Secretaries have informed me that their lack of pay security means they must sign on to social welfare when schools are not open. This happened during the recent Christmas holidays. “

“School secretaries that are employed directly by the Department of Education and Skills can earn up to €44,711 per year, are given pension entitlements, holiday leave and sick pay. We must address the inequality and I support the secretaries in their campaign.” Concluded Deputy O’Rourke.