Members of the Celbridge Tidy Towns Association and I surveying the bridge

Proposed improvement of the Liffey bridge

The Liffey bridge has been a cause of concern for many of Celbridge residents for some time now. The Tidy Town Association voiced their concern for pedestrians using the bridge, highlighting that the narrow footpaths and narrow roads utilised by large buses and trucks was a worry for many. With this in mind, I have worked with Celbridge Tidy Town Association to improve safety for pedestrians. Members from the Association, like Jarlith Daly and Michael Connolly, suggested the removal of the footpaths from the bridge and addition of two new walkways in their place. This would mean the road facilities on the bridge would also be improved, allowing for two buses/trucks to pass clearly at one time. There is also an issue with the current pedestrian bridge as access is not suitable for wheel chair users or prams and often floods. Considering these concerns it is with great support I brought this proposal to Kildare County Council. The proposal states that

“In order to improve safety for both pedistrians and vehicular traffic Celbridge Tidy Town  propose the construction of pedestrian footways on each river side of the existing stone bridge”

The construction of these footways will provide safer access for pedestrians to the town and also increase the traffic throughput of the bridge. I am committed to making proposals to Kildare County Council and NTA, the funding body, in an effort to resolve these problems. The safety of our residents is of paramount importance and something I will always advocate. This combined with an opportunity to improve infrastructure for Celbridge strengthens the importance of advancing this proposal.  Ideally it would be great if the bridge could be extended and widened but in the current economic climate that is very unlikely so we need to focus our energies on supporting a solution that is feasible, cost effective and will be beneficial for all. The boardwalk foot way offers just this. The road will be extended by a meter with the removal of the footpaths and the board walks offer a safer access point for pedestrians. This proposal has great merit and I will be engaging Kildare county council in real discussion about its implementation. It is my hope that we can achieve this for Celbridge in the near future.

I would like to thank the Celbridge Tidy Town Association for all the work they have done on this project to date and assure them and all Celbridge residents that this project has my full support.