Application by Apple Green Service Areas Limited for Motorway Services Area, Drive Thru, Global Training Hub, Gobal Logistics and Food Research/Production facility  – Former Concrete Pipe Plant, Dublin Road, Naas – Planning Reference 15/500

Apple Green Services Areas Limited recently lodged a planning application for a major development at the old concrete pipes factory on the Dublin Road in Naas near the well known public art work ‘perpetual motion’ or the ‘ball’ as many people will know it.

I will be making a submission to Kildare County Council on the proposal before next Friday (17th July) and I want to know the views of local people.

Is the proposal generally welcome – Will it create jobs and employment? Will it complement the new Kerry Group facility?

Are there any concerns – Is the local road network sufficiently adequate to accommodate the development?  Are there sufficient local services?  Will the proposal have a negative impact on the town centre  of Naas?

I would welcome any comments from local people – you can contact me by phoning 087 2555257.