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At our meeting today the following has been agreed to progress in relation to the Liffey Bridge in Celbridge and the associated junction in an effort to improve travel times. I am pleased to give you the following positive update. This is a major issue for Celbridge for many years now and I have made this a priority of mine.

New Bridge: It was agreed that Kildare County Council Transport Department would progress to looking at Route Selection. This is the starting point of a long process which will look at and consider all options. Once this is complete the Council will report back. A complex process such as a New Bridge can only be progressed in stages.

Short Term Solution: The first phase of this is been progressed. It is proposed to restrict traffic from turning right at the junction after the bridge to assist in alleviating tail backs and congestion.This means as you exit Celbridge heading out the Dublin Road that you will not be able to turn right up the Hazelhatch Road or down the Ardclough Road. The full details of this proposal will go through a public consultation process known as a section 38. Drawing etc. will display the proposed traffic routes and movements.

A safety audit has to be carried out on this proposal before progressing it to a public consultation process. If the safety audit doesn’t  highlight any concerns then we are on the “road” to delivering long over due improvements at this location. This is a proposal I have been suggesting for some time and I am delighted to see the Council is now progressing it. This is a great opportunity to deliver change. I put this on the May Municipal District Meeting agenda to give it traction as did my colleague Cllr. Byrne.

I hope this can progress now as it is time the people of Celbridge see action. The next phase once this is complete is to put in new footpaths and cycle ways on either side of the bridge, remove the existing footpath from the bridge and straighten the parapets (walls) on the bridge. This proposal will also have to go through a design and public consultation process known as a part 8.

Any queries or for further information, please contact me.