Fianna Fail’s Deputy Finance Spokesperson, Frank O’Rourke, has pressed the Government not to increase the net Local Property Tax (LPT) on families, as property valuation has increased since the introduction of the LPT in 2013.

“Local Property Tax (LPT) rates have been frozen since 2013, but in the meantime, house prices have increased substantially. This means that property taxes could rise substantially in 2020 when houses are revalued again, unless fairness is adopted by the Government.”

“The local property tax was reluctantly accepted by the people and it was introduced gradually. However as property valuation increases, homeowners need to be protected from severe hikes in their LPT,” stated Deputy O’Rourke.

“There has been a 70%-plus rise in house prices nationally since 2013. For example, someone now paying €405 a year could face a rise to €675 or even €765 in Kildare. This will be unacceptable.”

“The property tax makes no allowance for fixed income households, for families that have significant outlays such as childcare or motor insurance. We must not add to the rising costs by increasing the net LPT paid by householders. This I know to be a real concern for many Kildare home owners.”

“I have met with our Finance Spokesperson, Michael McGrath TD, who has been to the forefront of ensuring the mortgage holders have been treated fairly. We are determined to ensure that fairness is also applied when the LPT comes up for review,” concluded Deputy O’Rourke.