1. That the Council write to and engage with the owner of the Donaghcumper lands and request them to have the stone wall that runs parallel to the footpath on the Lucan road inspected and all the necessary repairs carried out.

Answer: The Council will write to the land owner and request the wall to be inspected and repaired. This work to be carried out as soon as possible.

2. That the Council look to install traffic calming measures on the Hazelhatch road before and after the junction beside Wolstan Abbey which links to the Lucan road.

Answer: The area Engineer will meet me on site in an effort to progress this project which will improve safety for all road users at this location.


1.Can the Council reinstate and repair the road surfacing around the gully opposite house No 31 in Thornhill Gardens, Celbridge.

Answer: This will be repaired.

2.Can the Council install a litter bin at the Bus Stop on the Lucan Road to assist in preventing litter been thrown into the Cemetery grounds.

Answer: The Council do not like installing litter bins outside the town, however they will re-consider at my request given the proposed location and the positive impact a litter bin will have.