1. That the Council install a dust bin at an appropriate location along the footpath through Hazelhatch Park, Calendar’s Mill and Simmonstown at the request of the Residents.

Answer: The Council will consider this request and report back at the next meeting. I highlighted how important this was for the Residents in this area.

  1. That the Council include the re-surfacing of Crodaun phase 2 into their road maintenance and surfacing programme for 2016 .

Answer: The Council will look to include this request into their surfacing programme for 2016.


  1. Can the Council repair the footpath and apron at the request of the Residents in front of house No 31 in Templelawns\Primrose Hill Estate in Celbridge.

Answer: This will be done and included into their current work programme.

  1. Can the Council meet on site to look at the areas of concerns regarding the footpath on Captain’s Hill from St. Mary’s Estate to the Hotel as you approach Leixlip.

Answer: The Engineer will meet me on site to look at these areas of concern.