1. That the Council carry out the necessary repairs to the cobble block footpath and kerbs in front of Chris’s hair studio and at the entrance to Haven Hire on Celbridge Main Street in the interest of Pedestrian welfare.

Answer: This work will be carried out and has been included into there work programme.

2. That the Council carry out the following repairs in Killadoon Celbridge: 1.The footpaths opposite house No 5 and 14 and reinstate the kerb and grass verge on the bend opposite house No 7 which have been badly damaged by large vehicles.

Answer: This work has been all completed at my request.

3. That the Area Committee agree to requesting Kildare County Council to write on our behalf to the Citizen Information Senior Regional Manager in order for them to put in place a Citizens Information Centre or advice Clinics in Celbridge.

Answer: Kildare County Council will make this request on my behalf to have improved services in Celbridge. We are currently the only town that does not have this service locally. This is a service that is long overdue in our town.


1. Can the Council straighten the advance warning signal lights sign opposite the Salesian’s School on the Maynooth road in Celbridge.

Answer: This will be done by KCC at my request.

2. Can the Council consider installing a barrier opposite the pedestrian entrance to Aldi on the Aghards Road to assist with safety.

 Answer: The Council will investigate this issue at my request and carry out the appropriate works.

3. Can the Council review the number of signs on the Clane Road located on the approach to Celbridge Village just before the pedestrian lights after Esso and remove as appropriate.

Answer: The Council will remove all unnecessary signs on this road at my request.