I have been in contact with senior management in Dublin Bus this week to put extra services on the Celbridge Bus Route to and from Dublin, Route 67X, following a meeting with a number of Bus commuters in recent days.

Over the last few days, a number of Dublin Bus commuters have made contact with me to put pressure on Dublin Bus to have extra Bus Services in the morning from Celbridge around 8.15am and returning from Dublin around 6.15pm.

As plans continue to restrict vehicular traffic entering Dublin City, we must continue to improve the level of services that are available on Public Transport routes. Last week, I met with Irish Rail to campaign for improvements to the rail timetable on Hazelhatch Routes. Following on from this representation, commuters have made contact with me in relation to the 67X  Bus Service.

There is a gap in the morning bus service and the evening return service to Celbridge. We must fill theses gaps to ensure they have a regular and reliable bus service. Countries that have a successful public transport model have public transport services that are regular, so that people do not have to wait long for a Bus or Train, and reliable so that people can rely on Timetable information supplied either using Apps or Real Time Information on Information Boards.

The 67X route is used by my own family  and it provides an important service for Celbridge. By removing the gaps in service, we will encourage more people to use this Bus Service.