I am continuing to work with Kildare County Council to ensure improvements are made in our local areas. Following feedback from residents of Celbridge and Leixlip I have put forth the following motions to the council in an effort to ensure necessary improvements are made in these communities.

 The following motions have been submitted and I will work continuously with the council to ensure they are acted upon with immediacy:

 1. That the Council carry out what ever remaining works are necessary at Call-A-Cab in Celbridge to remove any further risk of flooding which was experienced during July last.

 2. That Kildare Co Council investigate the possibility of introducing a peel back sticker for Pay and Display machines in Celbridge and Leixlip to avoid the display tickets been displaced within the car.

 Please continue to express your concerns to me, as without the input of the local residents I will not know the issues that are truly affecting our communities.