“I am delighted to see the refurbishment of the Grotto complete. This is a place of religious significance and importance to the people of Celbridge and the surrounding area.I was contacted by the Tidy Towns and many Celbridge Residents some time ago to see if funding could be allocated to have the Grotto done up and refurbished.

Following my ongoing work and representations funding was allocated for the Grotto. The refurbishment was overdue, not alone due to the significance of this location but also as the Grotto is on one of the main approach roads into Celbridge.The Tidy Towns have done great work in maintaining the Grotto to the highest of standards. Given the excellent work and success of the Tidy Towns in winning a Bronze medal last year in the Tidy Towns competition it is important that we do everything we can to assist them in their work by having the necessary improvements carried out which will help them build on last years results. It is important that we continue working to deliver further investment and improvements for Celbridge, which I am committed to doing.

I want to thank Joe Boland for making this project a reality and Simon Wallace for overseeing it on behalf of Kildare County Council”.