Cllr Frank O’Rourke with the Celbridge Tidy Towns who were delighted with good news. “I am delighted that I have delivered the funding to allow this project to commence which is the removal of the eircom poles and cables from Celbridge Main Street. This will greatly enhance and improve the aesthetic of our Town. This project is long over due and I am delighted that all of my efforts has finally achieved the delivery of this project. The first phase of the under-grounding which will be commencing very soon will see the removal of three eircom poles and all associated wiring from the Castletown gates down towards the town centre.

cables2There is a lot of great work been done currently in Celbridge by all the different groups and this project which is now a reality will compliment this wonderful work. Thanks to Kildare County Council and Eircom for working with me in the delivery of this very important project for our historic town”, “This project can now be fully delivered over the next 18 months or sooner which will bring an end to the unsightly  overhead cables on Celbridge Main Street. I am commencing discussions to make sure the ducting is in place to allow the new street lighting to be installed also”.