Local Fianna Fail TD, Frank O’Rourke, has called on commuters to consider the revised bus connect plans which were announced today and see what bus services need to be provided in addition to the proposals on the table now.

“Bus Connects proposal attracted 50,000 contributions from the public in the last public consultation process and while we have seen that our submissions have had some impact, we need to ensure that we utilise the next public consultation process to secure the remaining services we need for Kildare.”

“The National Transport Authority (NTA) has agreed to increase the number of bus routes in the Bus Connect plans by 22%.

“Bus Connects involves seven super frequency spine routes with buses at a high frequency rates. The original proposal had 11 connecting orbital routes.

“We are now entering a second round of public consultation. This is our opportunity to make submissions to capture any loss in service associated with the current proposals. Bus Connects will be gradually rolled out up to 2022.”