Local Fianna Fail TD, Frank O’Rourke, has been informed by Bus Eireann that an additional vehicle has been allocated to the 9am morning service on Route 115 for Kilcock commuters. This service will commence tomorrow morning and start from Kilcock each morning.

“An additional bus was required for this 9am service as the turnaround time for the existing fleet to return from Dublin for a 9am Kilcock departure was too challenging. This is welcome news for Kilcock Bus Commuters as the current service is falling well behind what is expected.”

“We need to provide additional Bus services to/from Kilcock during peak times. In addition to the extra bus for the 9am departure, we need two additional direct services, from Kilcock to Dublin in the morning and from Dublin to Kilcock in the evening.”

“The Government must provide the necessary resources to provide this additional capacity on the bus service for Kilcock Bus commuters.”

“I continue to campaign for a better bus service, and while this extra bus for the 9 am service is welcome, we need additional services for Kilcock as the frequency and capacity needs to be improved. I want to thank Bus Éireann for their assistance on this very important issue.”

“As the population increases, we need to ensure that we are providing better public transport services and we need to provide a regular and reliable Bus service on Route 115.” Concluded Deputy O’Rourke.