DSC_2538 (Small)I have engaged again very recently with Dublin Bus to provide an earlier 67 Bus Service from Celbridge on a Sunday Morning and the need for a daily service that links Celbridge and Leixlip. At present on a Sunday morning the first 67 service from Celbridge is at 9.50am and this is not early enough for people who need to start work or be in the city for 10am.

I have requested Dublin Bus to review this situation with a view to having an earlier 67 service which is requested by the many travelling public. In addition I have discussed with Dublin Bus about having a direct link between Celbridge and Leixlip, given the population of both towns it is not good enough not to have a public transport link. At the moment if you wish to travel from Celbridge to Leixlip, you can only do so via Maynooth and this is not good enough or acceptable. I will be pursuing them on both issues.

Currently the 66 will service Celbridge on a Sunday morning leaving Maynooth at 8am, travelling past Intel and turning right across the motorway towards Celbridge, heading down the Maynooth road and through Celbridge, going out the Lucan road, turning left at Young’s cross and then heading into Leixlip and then to Lucan. This is not ideal but it will be an improvement until the 67 service is improved.

I already had meetings with Dublin Bus and Irish Rail on additional 67X services for Celbridge and additional train service to Hazelhatch in the evenings. This is been requested by the many commuters and I hope to deliver improved services in these areas. Given that we are all promoting a greater use of public transport, we should have the services in place to attract a greater use of public transport.